Chicago Midwest Chapter of NASF


940 Lunt Ave., Schaumburg, IL 60193-4417
847-923-0692/Fax: 847-923-0977
Web: www.twrservice.com
Email: del@twrservice.com
Del Linderman
R             Abrasive Blasting/Glass Beading
BR          Aluminum/Plating On
R             Baking  
X             Bright Acid Dip
BR          Chromate Conversion/Iridite
X             Cleaning
R             Copper  
R                     Acid Copper
BR          Degreasing
BR          Gold
X             Nickel
BR                  Electroless    
BR                  Woods
R             Passivating
BR          Pickling 
BR          Silver     
BR          Stainless Steel/Plating On
X             Stripping
                Other: Electroless Nickel: phosphorus, 
                Teflon and silicon carbide.