Chicago Midwest Chapter of NASF

910 S. Stiles Drive, Addison, IL 60101
630-543-3003/Fax: 630-543-3028
Rick Delawder, Dick Delawder, Tim Delawder, Matt Delawder, Bob Reibel
C             Baking  
BR          Black Finishes
BR                  Oxide
BR                  Zinc Phosphate
B             Burnishing
BR          Cleaning
BR          Degreasing
C             Demagnetizing
C             Labs (In-House) 
B             Lacquer
BR          Oxidizing
B             Painting
B                     Dip 
BR          Passivating
BR          Phosphate Coating
BR                  Manganese
BR                  Zinc
BR          Pickling 
B             Polyseal Coating
B             Stainless Steel
B             Stripping
B             Waxing
                Other: Dorken Dip-spin coating, fastener sorting and packaging. On-site A2La laboratory performing salt 
                spray and humidity testing.  ISO 9001, IS
O 14001, and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.