Chicago Midwest Chapter of NASF

Guy D. Gruters, Captain, USAF, Captain, Eastern Air Lines 
POW in North Vietnam, December, 1967 to March, 1973 : 5 years, 3 months

Guy Gruters is an F-100 Fighter Pilot and former Prisoner of War (POW), who specializes in Forgiveness/Teamwork/Leadership/Conversion themes.

He speaks positively and enthusiastically on lessons learned during the more than five years he spent as a POW in North Vietnamese Communist prison camps, on his more than four hundred combat missions flown in South and North Vietnam before capture, and on business and family experiences after release.

He was awarded more than 30 combat medals, including two silver stars, two distinguished flying crosses, two bronze stars for heroism, two purple hearts, and 20 air medals. His fighter aircraft was shot down twice over North Vietnam. He was rescued by Jolly Green helicopters after the first ejection and captured after the second. The suffering in prison camp was intense, 24/7, year after year without any end in sight. Time crawled. Six out of seven men in Guy's situation were tortured to death or killed in one way or another by the Russians and North Vietnamese during those years.

Guy describes the various aspects of his combat and prison camp experiences, ranging from the specific conditions of imprisonment to individual tales of heroic courage and leadership, in his recent book, "Locked Up With God."

Upon return to the United States, Guy was a successful CEO of a computer business for 13 years, then Director and VP-MIS for billion dollar corporations. Guy and his wife, Sandy, who waited faithfully for six years until his return from Vietnam, raised seven children and survived twenty-five family moves throughout the US during those years. These varied and successful real world experiences have enabled Guy to effectively address many hundreds of business, church and military audiences throughout the United States and overseas over the past fifteen years.