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Louis J. Del Monte
BR          Bright Acid Dip
C             Continuous Coil
BRC       Copper
BRC       Gold
BRC       Nickel
BR                  Electroless
BRC               Palladium
BRC               Sulfamate
BRC               Watts
BRC               Woods
BRC       Silver
BRC       Solder
BRC       Stainless Steel
BRC                       Plating On
BRC       Stripping
BRC       Tin
BRC               Acid Tin        
BRC               Dull Tin         
BRC               Tin-Lead
                Other: Precious metals & associated finishes required for the electronic industry.  Precious metal plating—gold and

                silver as well as copper, nickel and tin on both selective and rack/barrel.  Continuous coil: selective gold, tin; overall

                nickel, tin, gold, silver; wide-width oil stock plating all finishes; reflow tin.  Palladium & palladium/nickel alloy

                on continuous & rack/barrel.  Nickel, woods & Electroless; and tin lead-free process.