Chicago Midwest Chapter of NASF

340 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60607
312-421-4040/Fax: 312-421-5120
Rob Sickles, Jamie Sickles, Dan Rangel
BR          Aluminum
BR                  Plating On
BR          Baking
BR          Bright Acid Dip
BR          Bronze
BR          Cleaning
BR          Copper
BR          Degreasing
BR          Labs (in-house)
BR          Masking
BR          Nickel
BR                  Electroless
BR                  Sulfamate
BR                  Watts
BR                  Woods
BR          Passivating
BR          Pickling
BR          Silver
BR          Solder
BR          Stainless Steel
BR                  Plating On
BR          Stripping
BR          Tin
BR                  Acid Tin
BR                  Dull Tin
BR                  Tin-Lead
BR          Waxing 
               Other: ISO9001 & AS9100 REV C Certified, Certified Woman Owned Business, tin and silver plating on

               lengths up to 144”.