Chicago Midwest Chapter of NASF

Bertram A. Stone Award

Established in 1994, the Bertram A. Stone Award was the summit award of CMFI and continues to be bestowed on an individual who has performed outstanding service to the finishing industry locally and/or nationally. Nominations are submitted by the membership, and final award winners are selected by the Awards Committee.

To-date, the Bertram A. Stone Award has been bestowed upon individuals demonstrating Mr. Stone's commitment to the industry, including: 

2017    Rebecca Bennett

           Precision Plating, Inc.

2012    Christopher  Nowotarski
           Stone, Pogrund, Korey
2010    Rick Delawder
           SWD, Inc.
2006    Charles Remied
           Serfilco, Ltd.
2004    Joanne Marozza
           Three J’s Industries
2003    John Lindstedt
           Artistic Plating Co., Inc.
2001    Richard J. Carey
           AAMRO Corporation
2000    Frank Altmayer
           Scientific Control Laboratories
1999    James B. Blacklidge
           Craftsman Plating
1998    Weldon Crawford
1997    Simon Gary
1995    James Jacobs
           Northwestern Plating



Charlie Geldzahler Award

Charles (“Charlie”) Geldzahler was a true Chicagoan.  He was very active on the Board of Directors for the AESF Chicago Branch, even well after his presidency (1959-60), up until the day he died December 28, 1993.  Charlie was a consummate master plater, a fountain of technical knowledge and plating lore, which he shared freely with everyone. Metal finishing was his life’s work.

This award was created by The Branch in 1996.  It is a permanent commemorative trophy that is inscribed with each award receiver’s name, which takes charge of the trophy for the year.  The selection process is determined by a committee comprised of past Award recipients. 

To-date, the Charlie Geldzahler Award has been bestowed upon individuals who have to a significant extent demonstrated Charlie’s many wonderful qualities, including:

Charlie Geldzahler Award Recipients
​2017       Rebecca Bennett
              Precision Plating, Inc

2016       Brian Kane

​              S&C Electric Co.

2015       Ted Kodama 
              Craftsman Plating & Tinning Corp.
2014       Jolie Zak, CEF-4
              Scientific Control LAB
2013       Mike Burnson, CEF
              The Traveling Chemist
2012       Phil Meier 
              Castle Metal Finishing
2011       Charles ( Chuck) Erdman
              Chemray Corp.
2010       Andy Gruda, CEF   
              Gatto Industrial Platers, Inc.
2009       Louise Corbiel  
              Serfilco Corp.
2008       Gerald Stutz CEF  
              The Stutz Company
2007       Lawrence Goto, CEF
              The Go To Company
2006       Lawrence Bernstein, CEF   
              Metafin Supply Co.
2005       Robert (“Bob”) Alley, CEF
              Midwest Metal Finishing
2004       Frank Altmayer
              MSF Scientific Control Labs Inc.
2003       Charles A Remied   
              Serfilco Corp.
2002       Simon P. Gary, Fellow
2001       Ken Jacobsen   
              James Precious Metals Plating
2000       Peter H. Tremmel, CQE, CBP
              Consulting Associates, Inc.
1999       Albert (“Al”) Pomella, CEF   
              Rin-Rockford, Inc.
1998       Sherwood (“Skip”) Cassell, Fellow 
              Jaynor, Inc.
1997       Charles P. Goodrich, CEF-SE, Fellow   
              Charles Goodrich Consulting